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What Can Turn a Lawyer into a Target?

Contact Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys at Oberheiden P.C. to Make Sure Your Law License and Your Freedom Are Protected When the FBI Investigates You Given the number of lawyers in the United States, criminal prosecutions of lawyers appear to be a statistical anomaly. Obviously, any lawyer can be charged just...

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Bribery Defense

Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys with the Experience and Expertise to Fight Bribery Charges Bribery refers to the act of offering compensation in order to influence the actions of another.  The crime of bribery often arises in the case of public officials, where a private citizen may offer something of value...

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Seeking Third Party Discovery In Texas

 Oberheiden, P.C.www.rac-audit-defense.comDirect: 888-680-1745Occasionally, there will be information needed to prosecute or defend a civil case that is not in the possession, custody, or control of either party.  In that case, third party discovery can make the difference in proving the relevant facts so that you win the case.The Law. Rule...

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What Are Grounds for Texas Jurisdiction?

 Oberheiden, P.C.rac-audit-defense.comDirect: 888-680-1745The Situation. Frequently, businesses or people receive a citation telling them they have been sued in Texas, even though they and their business are located in another state.  Alternatively, a Texas resident may have been wronged by a person living in another state and wonder whether they can...

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